What do these 5 Pipeline Acronyms Mean?

What is PODS?
Pipeline Open Data Standards

Data is stored in a database which needs a structure that is designed for purpose. In the case of pipeline management the PODS model was first described in 1998 to design and build a database structure that would best support pipeline designers and managers. The Association now has over one hundred member companies. More on PODS

What is UPDM?
Utility and Pipeline Data Model

Like PODS, Esri's UPDM is designed to store the features of a transmission pipelines with the difference that this version was designed for implementation as an Esri Geodatabase for use with Esri's ArcGIS and supports the ALRP. The UPDM was first released in October 2014 and is supported on ArcGIS 10.2 and 10.3.

What is GIS?
Geographic Information System

Instead of using a text or table based method to display information, a GIS uses maps to visualise, analyse and interpret data. Using a GIS allows users to bring together information from a vast number of sources such as satellite images, house address files, census information, transportation networks etc. etc. to build intelligent pictures of locations.

What is ALRP?
ArcGIS Location Referencing for Pipelines

ALPR represents the database objects and software needed to manage linear referenced objects in a geodatabase. Linear referencing is the method used to model pipeline features for transmission pipelines. The ALRP allows both linear and points events to maintain their coincidence to the pipeline centerline route. Novara President Jeff Allen's thoughts.

What is a PIMS?
Pipeline Information Mangagement System

Simply put, a PIMS such as Intrepid is a combination of the best bits of this list. A PIMS uses and extends the capabilities of a GIS to edit and maintain the various flavours of pipeline databases as well as integrating infomration from a vast range of other sources. The system shares all information to shared with staff in the field, planning departments and boardroom.

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