What is Direct Marketing?

Doesn't all marketing direct people to do something?

Well, it's not that kind of direct

Direct Marketing (shortened to DM because everyone in marketing is so remarkably busy) means delivering messages 'directly' to existing or potential customers.

That means you need to know who they are

No guessing

The message is spoken, written or emailed to the person you want to influence.

They dont stumble across it in a magazine or on the television or on the web.

DM (notice we defined the abbreviation before using it, that is a golden rule of writing anything) has a number of advantage over the scatter gun or indirect approach

Using direct contact allows you to precisely control the message and, if your using email, know how many people have seen it and who has interacted with what youre saying

At the heart of a successful Direct Marketing campaign is an accurate and current database of names.

Without this, money, time and effort wil be wasted contacting the wrong people.

Worse, if the data is inaccurate or the relationship between you and prospect is unknown, the marketing sent out may well generate bad feeling.

Not what you want

But a well designed and executed DM campaign will build awareness and understanding with exactly the people you need it to.

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