How can I get Google to Ignore Me?

Google Analytics tells you how many people visit your website last month.

This is useful information.

With this information you will be able to know if your website is attracting the right amount of people.

As long as that information is accurate.

How many times did your staff visit the company website last month?

Google counts them too, you know.

Sadly doing the following will reduce your numbers.

Less flattering but more useful.

Find your own IP Address:

That's it.

Remove that IP Address from Google Analytics On the Home page of Google Analytics is the 'Admin' button; press that.

If you manage more than one website, select the website you want to work on.

If you only have one website.

Select that one.

On the next screen you'll notice a tab called 'Filters' which is all fairly self-explanatory.

Give your filter a name and include your IP Address as the one that should be excluded.


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