Content is expensive so make it work harder

Coming up with 'content' is hard.

Writing stories, whitepapers, press releases and creating videos takes time and effort.

And if client authorisation is needed, it takes much more time and much more effort.

But in this era of the 'self-researching buyer' if you don't make the right content available, prospective buyers wont even find your website.

Let alone be able to learn what you could do for them.

So you must invest the time and effort.

Or get someone to do so on your behalf.

Given that time and effort equals money it makes sense to make the content you do create, work as hard as it can for you.

Too many times a press release is sent out to the obvious target media before being posted to the company website and forgotten.

But the story that is the subject of the release can be at the heart of so many other marketing activities.

Too often press releases simply describe what happened.

But what about your people who were involved in the work?

The experience they gained working with the client, delivering the work, managing the project is knowledge gold.

More often than not, prospective clients ask Google questions.

They really do. It is the typographical equivalent of asking Siri.

So when they do, who wouldn't prefer to get an answer written in plain English, not corporateese, composed by the person that actually did the work?

And it would be a dull researcher that didn't take the opportunity to ask that knowledgeable author for more information.

And suddenly marketing has done its job.

The prospective client is in contact with you.