What Is Inbound Marketing?

Search engines (Google isn't the only one?) provide a way for people to find information.

An obvious statement maybe but one that has had a profound effect on marketing.

BSE (Before Search Engines), people's knowledge of available products and services was based upon the information that they were given.

Whether that was by a cold call, an advert in their favourite magazine or a sale brochure sent to them in the post

The supplier who sent the more convincing marketing material was the one who would more often than not, prevail in winning the sale.

Map of the Druzhba Pipeline Network

Before the internet, people didn't know who their peers were, let alone be able to ask their advice or benefit from their past experiences of various suppliers.

Now, the prospective client is willing and able to educate themselves through asking questions.

So if people are asking questions, you'd better be able to answer them.

And that in essence, is Inbound Marketing.

By producing interesting and informative 'content', people who are searching for answers will come to your website.

Content means articles, videos, blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers; anything that can answer the insatiable hunger of your website visitors for information.

These things take a lot of effort and time to create but if you dont do it (or get someone to do it for you) you can bet your competition will.

And if they are answering more questions, they're marketing is better than yours.

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