Why is a Responsive Website Important?

If you are reading this article on a desktop computer, have you ever wondered what that button with two boxes on it, in the top right corner of your browser does?

Yes, that's the one. Between the cross and the underline.

It is the 'Restore Down' button.

Clicking it will stop your browser filling the available screen space and allow you to alter its shape and area.

In case you were wondering.

So what?

Well, resizing your browser is an extremely useful thing to do, if you want to get an idea of how mobile and tablet visitors see your website.

A mobile phone's screen is a lot smaller than a desktop's.

No really, it is.

And whilst obvious it is a crucial point if you haven't designed your website to recognise which one is being used to view your website.

Try it.

Click the two boxes and change the size of the browser window (welcome back if you pressed the cross..).

Whilst you're viewing our website, you should see things rearranging themselves to make the best use of the available space.

The more observant reader will notice that at a certain size, the menu disappears and is replaced by a collapsed version.

That happens because we wrote it to be 'responsive'

In simple language, the website responds to the size of the visitors device by rearranging and resizing the page's components to give the viewer the best possible experience.

Does your website do that?

If you don't think mobile or tablet visitors are important, you're wrong.

According to those who know these things, mobile and tablet traffic will outrun desktop traffic by July of this year. and there is no reason to think that that trend wont continue.

Your website is one the most important ways you sell your company's products and services.

You've put a huge amount of time and money into its design.

Why restrict access to it?

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