"Ain't Nothing Finer Than a Pipeliner"

Novara GeoSolutions & Intrepid

Intrepid® is Complete Pipeline Management

Pipelines carry hugely valuable and hazourdous cargoes over vast distances. The safe and economic movement of utilities such as oil, gas and water is crucial for the people of towns, cities and businesses around the world.

Pipeline managers need to know a huge amount of information, they need it in one place and they need it to be easily accessible

For over twenty years, Novara GeoSolutions, formerly Coler & Colantonio has created and provided software that enhances the power of the Esri ArcGIS platform to meet these requirements.

Pipeline Information Management Software

Successfully managing transmission pipeline networks requires a huge amount of data and using a GIS platform and database is the perfect starting block.

Intrepid® builds on this solid foundation and focusses ArcGIS to be the perfect Pipeline Information Management Software.

Users of Intrepid® are able to spatially enable all of their critical data, interrogate and analyse it and make better decisions regarding the routing, design, maintenance and management of their hugely expensive assets.

Knowledge is Power

Literately true when dealing with pipelines. Having the knowledge of what is happening and being able to predict what could happen along the entire length of a pipeline means power is maintained.

Intrepid® assimilates pipeline characteristics, fittings, cathotic protection, inline inspection data, work history, field-collected information, environmental threats, satellite and aerial mapping images to provide a complete operational picture of the whole pipeline, its construction and its surroundings.

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Trial Software

Intrepid PIMS

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