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Addressing the World

The world is poorly addressed. This is frustrating and costly in developed nations; and in developing nations this is life-threatening and growth limiting.

what3words is a unique combination of just 3 words that identifies a 3mx3m square, anywhere on the planet.

It's far more accurate than a postal address and it's much easier to remember, use and share than a set of coordinates.

what3words map pin

Each of the 57 trillion 3mx3m squares in the world has been pre-allocated a fixed & unique 3 word address. The what3words geocoder turns geographic coordinates into these 3 word addresses & vice-versa.

As it is an algorithm the solution takes up less than 10MB, small enough to install on almost all smartphones and works across platforms and devices.

what3words is a plug-in for businesses and individuals, via an API, to enhance their own products and services with simple and precise addressing.

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