B2B Marketing for Geospatial and Technical Companies

B2B Marketing Strategy

Nobody cares what you do!

We're sorry to break that to you.

They only care what you can do for them.

Unless this focus is at the heart of your marketing and everything you do speaks to the needs of your prosects and customers, they simply wont take the time to find out why you are the supplier for them.

Our strategic marketing support will identify those key benefits that you can offer and work out how to present those in the one way that will make the right people sit up and take notice.

B2B Content Marketing

Without the right content, how will people understand what it is you can do for them?

If your prospects are going to become your customers, they need to know, understand, and trust you, your staff and your company.

This is what the right content can help to achieve.

We will work to understand what it is your prospects want to know from you, where they will look for this and ensure that you are presented in the right way.

Good content will create leads, increase the search optimisation for key terms of your company and and draw people closer to you.

B2B Marketing Mechanics

Ideas are vital but useless, unless they become reality.

That's the role of what we call Marketing Mechanics.

This is the stage when, having understood what it is you need to say, we create your website, write your press releases and Tweets or design sales collateral for you to give to prospects.

Your marketing needs to be consistant if it is to be seen often enough and across enough outlets to be effective.