Copernicus Sentinels: UK industry loses out in European satellite bids

The European Space Agency recently announced the names and locations of the companies who have been chosen as prime contractors for the next six Sentinal satellites.

None are in the UK, depsite a contribution of £170 million at the last minsiterial meeting in November of 2019.

Seeking comment on this decision, BBC Science Correspondent Jonathan Amos talked to Quarry One Eleven Founder, Alistair Maclenan.

Alistair laid out his thoughts in a typically straightforward manner:

"We are talking about the biggest Earth observation project in our history. When you look at what it's achieved - to not be involved would be idiotic," he told BBC News.

"This is not something the UK can replicate on its own. The amount of money, time and expertise means something like Copernicus can only be done across countries and to not be at the heart of it would be a huge mistake."

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