Nobody Cares What You Do

Sarah is a very busy woman.

She juggles her role as a director of a fast-growing company with a home life that includes both a partner and a dog called Sparkle.

But Sarah understands that taking time out to relax is important and so, every day she visits a local coffee shop where she collects her thoughts over a latte.

It is a precious ten minutes.

Today she came into Graham’s Coffee Shop: ordered, found a quiet table in the corner and metaphorically at least, kicked off her expensive but uncomfortable shoes.

However, because owner Graham has been on a content marketing course, he understands that Sarah shouldn’t be left alone.

He must give her information to enhance her ‘drinking experience’. She needs to understand how her coffee was made.

He knows that she needs content.

So, without being asked, Graham sits down opposite Sarah and starts to talk.

Graham speaks very loudly to ensure that Sarah can hear his important messages over the noise of the other conversations in the café.

To illustrate the journey the beans used to make Sarah’s coffee took from Guatemala to his café, Graham thrusts a wonderfully illustrated infographic between Sarah’s mouth and her coffee.

Just as her eyes focus on the host of transport icons Graham has used, he moves her attention to a perfectly branded PowerPoint presentation that explains how the coffee grinder works.

The presentation also includes a not-so brief history of the coffee grinder.

To complete the ‘story’ of his coffee’s journey from field to cup, Graham plays a beautifully shot video that explains how pasteurisation has made safe, the milk in her latte.

Sarah’s coffee is now cold.

And her ten minutes is up.

As she gets up to leave, Graham asks her for her email address so that he can send her a feedback questionnaire to measure the ‘enjoyablility’ of her time in his coffee shop.

Sarah gives Graham someone else’s email address.

And tomorrow, she will go to someone else’s coffee shop.

Sarah doesn’t care how her coffee was made, she cares how it makes her feel and how it allows her to relax.

People don’t care what you do, they only care what you can do for them.

This is true in every sale, in every industry.