Risky Business

“When you turn over the paper, you will have three hours to answer a single question.”

Thirty philosophy undergraduate students, desperate to complete their three years of arduous study do as they are told and read the question:

“Define a risk.”

29 people start writing feverishly.

Additional paper is requested in anticipation of the case studies, references and theories that will be regurgiated in detail.

However, after five minutes one student gets up and walks out.

His professor has seen this before.

Too much pressure.

Too much expectation.

It takes it toll.

Some people just can not deal with exams.

She walks over to collect his paper.

Glancing down, she sees that he has written only two words.

“This is”

When you’re writing your next press release, remember that the power of a message is not measured in the number of words it takes to write it down.