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‘People forget facts, but they remember stories’

Quarry One Eleven

Elevating Geospatial and Space-Based Marketing

Quarry One Eleven is the B2B Marketing and Business Development Agency for geospatial and space-based companies who need to get their key business stories seen and understood by the right people.

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In the increasingly crowded space and geospatial industries it is even more important for your company to stand out from the crowd and for prospective customers to understand the benefits you are offering.

Just a few of our past and present clients include:

Develop & promote your key company messages

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quarry One Eleven specialises in B2B marketing and business development for geospatial and space-based industries. Our services include strategic planning, digital marketing, content creation, public relations, and event marketing.

“Geospatial” refers to anything related to the geographic space on or near the Earth’s surface. This location information can be static, like the latitude and longitude of a physical address, or dynamic, like the changing position of a moving vehicle in real-time GPS tracking.

Geospatial data is used to map and analyse the physical locations of objects, helping to visualise patterns, trends, and demographic information. It plays a crucial role in numerous applications, including urban planning, environmental monitoring, navigation systems, disaster response, and market research. Tools like Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are central to manipulating, analysing, and visualising geospatial data.

Earth observation refers to the gathering of information about the planet’s physical, chemical, and biological systems via remote sensing technologies, typically involving satellites or aircraft equipped with sensor technology. These observations can be made using a variety of tools, such as cameras, radars, and lasers, which collect data that can be used to monitor and assess the state of the Earth.

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